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Line of Inquiry.

I'll begin this blog by introducing myself and my work. My name is Emily Babette. My artwork is figurative, as I have never ceased to be interested in drawing and painting the figure. In saying that, I also feel like I am still exploring and developing ways to approach the figure. I'm intent on furthering my learning alongside developing myself as an artist. Both of these objectives are the impetus for beginning this blog.

      Moreover, I think it's helpful to record the stages of a piece of work.  I aim to chronicle the thought process and influences behind certain decisions made in the creation of a drawing or painting.  Looking at my older work (like the drawing above which was made in the fall of 2015) I notice that one thing that has significantly changed is my attention to form and structure. Looking at the figure as a complicated, multisided and volumetric structure, it is critical to ask what a shift in value or temperature signifies on the physical body it…