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Statement of Intent, April 2017

In the last year, I have focused my creative energy into furthering my exploration of the human figure within the context of painting and drawing. In the fall of 2016, I began exploring with painting, which I had been too timid to approach until this time. I used traditional approaches to painting such as grisaille and indirect painting, as I was interested in teaching myself a method which has been used for centuries throughout art history. In this procedure, the artist starts by making a monotone painting in either greyscale or an umber-brown, and then builds up the flesh tones by layering thin paint glazes over the underpainting. The advantages of this process becomes evident in the amount of control one has over their painting process.

           Admittedly, this last year has been one of exploration of materials and concepts. My intention has been to remain true to my devotion to figurative drawing and painting, particularly working from life. Embedded in the content of my most …