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2017: That's a Wrap!

The year 2017 is coming to a close. The end of any year often yields a rather reflective mood and general contemplative mentality. It's hard not to analysis (and judge) one's productivity during the past annum. The main importance is to feel some level of success at the achievements one's accomplished, despite any experienced pitfalls.

     In saying that, this was a difficult year. It started in West Lafayette, IN, where I was only half way through the first year of an M.F.A. program at Purdue University. As mentioned in the previous blog post, I decided right around this-time last-year that I did not want to stay in Indiana for two more years to finish my Masters at Purdue. The program itself was not the problem for me, it was more to do with a lack of connection to the Midwestern culture and a lack of sense-of-community. My work relies heavily on responding to subcultures and music scenes, and where I was living in Indiana felt too straight-laced to react to. Rather, I…

Reactions and Responses in the Age of Uncertainty

A couple months ago, I relocated to Los Angeles, California from West Lafayette, Indiana. The move was made after completing one out of three years of a MFA program at Purdue University. There were many reasons I left Indiana before completing my degree, however the umbrella reason was simply "it wasn't the program for me." 
     Even though I had lived in Los Angeles county before I left to go to school, exactly one year prior, upon my return I found everything to be drastically different. For example, I am now living in the heart of the city versus living in a suburb on the edge. As one can imagine, the intensity of living in the city is certainly amplified. I consider myself quite a sensitive person, so I constantly feel the burden of this intensity... for better or for worse.
      My initial concerns upon my return were focused on starting work and supporting myself immediately. Thus, I took on two jobs and fell into working seven days a week. I must admit, this …

The Beginning of the End

As I begin the next chapter of my experience as an art maker and a human, I intend to include a fresh focus which will contribute to art theory and the role of aesthetics in culture en masse. In the process of research and exploration, I will learn new forms of creative communication in order to contextualize my discoveries and consequentual conclusions. These new creative endeavors will include my existing practice of drawing and art-on-paper, in addition to photography, film, and installation. The concern of visual space is an initial platform off which to jump off. My images will expand from the traditional portrait and landscape formats, and grow organically to envelope spaces to create environments and experiences of self reflection and connectivity. My intention is to articulate the complexity of human experience, past and present. There exists an innate collective cohesion grown from a collection of similarities of experiences. A vast multitude of experiences are conceptual…

A Thought on Existence

I've been thinking a lot about human existence and history. Our lives are so fleeting and perishable. Excruciatingly so. Sometimes I feel exuberant with the knowledge that I am living. Other times I wish I could reset my life and start again; a little more graceful, a little less clumsy. Either way, I acknowledge the fact that we are on borrowed time. The earth is stable in its instability; revolving in cycles of life and death, abundance and famine. Somehow, perpendicularly to the subtle inherent chaos, we manage to live out our duplicated lives on the outer surface of this lonely planet. As we pass flame and myth down from one generation to the next, we convince ourselves that the elegant order of existence denotes personal entitlement and proof of a higher reality. Somehow, the perfected actuality of all suitable qualities needed for this life indicates the existence of an even better reality, so it is justifiable to take for granted this one. This paradox I will never wrap m…

Cutting into the Infinite

In the beginning of the spring of 2017, I started experimenting with paper cut art. I am aware that paper cutting has been a craft and art form for hundreds of years. In fact, according to Wikipedia's page on Papercutting, "Paper cut art appeared during the Han Dynasty in 4th century AD after the Chinese official, Cai Lun invented paper in 105 AD. The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century Six Dynasties period found in Xinjiang China."

Admittedly, the inducing source of inspiration was seeing Sonja Peterson's exhibit called 'Transverse Travesties' at the Robert L. Ringel Gallery in the Steward Center at Purdue University, IN, in March or April of 2017. I reacted intensely to the lace-like intricacies, patterning, and merging of space due to the flattened silhouetted shapes of her subject matter. Additionally, I was impressed with the abundance of narrative accessible in such a conceptually simplistic art form. Obviously, t…

Art, Archetypes, the Unconscious Mind

Humans are storytellers. It is as if telling stories is an instinct that we have developed since we first began roaming this planet. Stories give purpose to an otherwise absurd existence. Stories are immortal; They defy death and live beyond the length of our material carnation. If a story gets retold consistently through the ages, defying the boundaries of both time and culture, those stories become the archetypes of our collective human experience. Through stories and narrative, history and folklore, consistencies are found are found which create commonality between peoples. Stories glorify patterns in the 'geist', or World Spirit, of the past. From our earliest moments, upwards of 100, 000 years ago, humans had an urge to express themselves through self-ornamentation to eventually drawing representation art.[1] This moment of self-expression was due in part to the availability of moments of free time due to a lack of consistent threat to survival. In those 'down-time&#…

Statement of Intent, April 2017

In the last year, I have focused my creative energy into furthering my exploration of the human figure within the context of painting and drawing. In the fall of 2016, I began exploring with painting, which I had been too timid to approach until this time. I used traditional approaches to painting such as grisaille and indirect painting, as I was interested in teaching myself a method which has been used for centuries throughout art history. In this procedure, the artist starts by making a monotone painting in either greyscale or an umber-brown, and then builds up the flesh tones by layering thin paint glazes over the underpainting. The advantages of this process becomes evident in the amount of control one has over their painting process.

           Admittedly, this last year has been one of exploration of materials and concepts. My intention has been to remain true to my devotion to figurative drawing and painting, particularly working from life. Embedded in the content of my most …