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Inner Realms, September 2018

Inner Realms, September 7-28 2018, Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, CA. Opening Reception September 7th from 6pm - 10pm
From mid-July until the opening reception on September 7th I have been putting together my third solo show, Inner Realms. This was my first solo show outside of any university affiliation and an important opportunity to highlight some of the most ambitious pieces I’ve made in the last couple of years. Additionally, it was also an opportunity to weave together diverse yet interrelated pieces into one gallery space. 
The title Inner Realms describes the internal psychological visions of my subjects expressed by means of personal dress and decor. Fashion becomes costume, gesture becomes performance, and the gaze becomes a window into a tailored psyche. American sociologist David Riesman draws a distinction between those who “passively accepted commercially provided styles and meanings, and a ‘subculture’ which actively sought a minority style … and interpreted it in accord…

Time and Productivity

As I am getting older the concept of time is becoming a more frequent subject in my thoughts than ever before. Summer has been slow to announce it's self this year in Southern California, taking it's time to increase it's intensity incrementally, degree by subtle degree. Alas, I do feel that it is finally upon us at last... and we are in for the long and lethargic drudge through the blistering summer months. 
There is something so very nostalgic about the summertime for me. When I was a child in Canada, Australia or Connecticut summers were synonymous with holidays, freedom from school, and long lazy afternoons pleasurably spent wasting time. My, how times have changed...
I do believe it is the predicament of the creative person to feel as it there is never enough hours in the day and never enough production happening within those hours to be satisfied. Unlike the long dreamy summers of my childhood, where a day spent rearranging all the books on my bookshelf alphabetical…

Cocooning and Collaborating

In the last several months, since the beginning of 2018, there is a word that I have been using to describe the intention of my actions in this new year. That word is "cocooning" (vb.). Just as the Hermit card describes a period of time in which gentle yet deliberate exile is necessary to accomplish a task or overcome a hurdle, I have needed to gently yet deliberately exile myself from social media and other social platforms that do not serve my creativity at this moment in time. Ironically and simultaneously, this year has been abundant in social interactions ("irl") and collaborative endeavors. 
I begun January 2018 by participating in another art-walk at Bixby Knolls in Long Beach. These events are always fun and light-hearted, as you have the freedom to curated your own little space with a sampling of your work. People from all walks of life come by and interact with you, thus some interesting and unexpected conversations can occur. 

As I discussed in my previ…