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Reactions and Responses in the Age of Uncertainty

A couple months ago, I relocated to Los Angeles, California from West Lafayette, Indiana. The move was made after completing one out of three years of a MFA program at Purdue University. There were many reasons I left Indiana before completing my degree, however the umbrella reason was simply "it wasn't the program for me." 
     Even though I had lived in Los Angeles county before I left to go to school, exactly one year prior, upon my return I found everything to be drastically different. For example, I am now living in the heart of the city versus living in a suburb on the edge. As one can imagine, the intensity of living in the city is certainly amplified. I consider myself quite a sensitive person, so I constantly feel the burden of this intensity... for better or for worse.
      My initial concerns upon my return were focused on starting work and supporting myself immediately. Thus, I took on two jobs and fell into working seven days a week. I must admit, this …