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2017: That's a Wrap!

The year 2017 is coming to a close. The end of any year often yields a rather reflective mood and general contemplative mentality. It's hard not to analysis (and judge) one's productivity during the past annum. The main importance is to feel some level of success at the achievements one's accomplished, despite any experienced pitfalls.

     In saying that, this was a difficult year. It started in West Lafayette, IN, where I was only half way through the first year of an M.F.A. program at Purdue University. As mentioned in the previous blog post, I decided right around this-time last-year that I did not want to stay in Indiana for two more years to finish my Masters at Purdue. The program itself was not the problem for me, it was more to do with a lack of connection to the Midwestern culture and a lack of sense-of-community. My work relies heavily on responding to subcultures and music scenes, and where I was living in Indiana felt too straight-laced to react to. Rather, I…